Building from the Inside Out

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We miss being together in the Woodshop, but we're still working on building Life Skills! 

During the COVID 19 pandemic,We continue to engage our students with Life Skills with Zoom daily. Our topic this year is Financial Literacy since this is a serious weakness in the Urban communities among Teens and young adults.

St. Michael's Woodshop is a ministry that offers life skills to urban youth through the art of woodworking. Tutors and Mentors are committed to accompanying young men and women as they

learn a trade,  enhance their sense of self-worth,

master a good work

ethic, and demonstrate mutual care for one another.

We strive to learn something new every day



St. Michael's Woodshop.


We build character.   


We foster feelings of accomplishment.


We focus on every phase 

of our students' training. 

The first button below will take you to a short video showing what goes on at the Woodshop. The second button is a TV news story about the Woodshop that aired on Rochester's Channel 8 TV News on December 7, 2020.  

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